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Easy to use, yet powerful. WordPress is more than just the blogging software it first started out as. These days there seems to be very little that you cannot do with WordPress. So dig in, get creative and you will have the time of your life.


For those starting out and looking to make wordpress sites for clients. Avoid free themes and 99% of the themes on the market. Look for the solid tried and tested multipurpose theme that have lots of good developer review. You might not like paying $60-70 but in the long run it'll save you time and allow you to charge your clients more. Many free and premium themes are very locked in terms of style. If the client comes back and asks for the header layout to be changed or general style tweaks these can take hours and might require redoing beyond your abilities. But on a good premium multipurpose theme it'll take just minutes. Also don't cheat by look for free downloads. If its not for the proper site it could have all sorts of nasty stuff hidden in the code and will make you look extremely unprofessional.


With creative ideas and the right plugins (or programming skills), WordPress can become absolutely anything. You could build an online learning center, a social network or even a web-based game. See WordPress as the starting point for endless possibilities when creating unique online projects.


Bí aṣáájú ò bá mọ̀ọ́ rìn, ìgbẹ́ lará ẹ̀hìn ńwọ̀, a Yoruba adage meaning "If the leader does not know his way, the follower winds up in the bush. Another African proverb says, it takes a village to raise a child, the child here is WordPress, the village is the Community. Those we look up to in the community should always lead by example, while trusting that the village can and will take care of the child! We should learn to listen and collaborate with each other as a community if we hope to pass on the baton to the next generation of WordPress Enthusiasts, get more people involved and empowered!


WordPress Community - an unbelievable example of entire IT Communities. It created a community for all developers, designers where we all are colleagues, not competitors. We are proud of “giving back to the community” and happy to develop a better culture to help people. We love to expand our skills by sharing. You will found all WordPress developers are broad-minded and whatever you are getting difficult to do, just post somewhere; you will definitely find millions of helping hands around.


Publishing content can be incredibly rewarding by itself, but sharing with people and getting feedback can be even better. You make this easy for yourself: take ten minutes to automate social sharing of new posts. Set and forget! 1. Take ten minutes to automate social sharing of new posts. If you’ve already got it set up, make sure it’s still relevant! It’s always good to include extra insight, so you could even add a custom field to your posts with some extra content which gets auto-shared. 2. Take another ten minutes to research and list industry/niche newsletters and subscribe to them. Newsletters are having a renaissance, always need content, and are always happy to hear from subscribers. When you’ve got a relevant post, send it over! Those take twenty minutes, and can make your posts go far

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